A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's time for bed!

Little Billy loves playing in his imagination, but his stupid parents love to control his every move. Now their telling him to go to bed! Help Billy resist his parents' control and express his free will by guiding him away from all of the adult objects(Brief Case, Coffee, Bills), and pick up some of his favorite toys along the way to earn a higher score(Legos, Blocks, Candy).



(Mac and Linux not tested)

This was my first ever game jam I have ever participated in and I only had time to develop my game on the last day. Please forgive any bugs or crappy game play and keep in mind half of the mechanics I planned on adding in were not because of time constraints(including sound).

Install instructions

  • Packed in a zip file
  • play the .jar


BedTime.zip 35 kB